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Monday, April 11, 2011

What are Biorhythms?

Everyone has “Good days” and “Bad days”. Biorhythms are an attempt to put some substance and predictability to work to figure out when a person will be at the top of their game, and when they will be at a low point. Most people who believe in biorhythms say there are three main cycles that can effect various life forces within themselves, and that these cycles are consistent, predictable, and start on the date of birth, continuing through the lifetime of the person. These people have been called nuts, flakes, visionaries, or geniuses by various observers.

Web sites abound with detailed information on the assumed, supposed, or debated value of Biorhythms, but most people who have investigated them regard them as innocent fun, meaning little. Several scientific studies have been attempted, and most of them find little validity to this pseudoscience, and rate it as anywhere between innocent mathematical fun and total balderdash. Interest in this hokum was at its peak in the ‘70s.

I am part of the group who think Biorhythms are fun. You can try putting your birthdate in the first birthdate of the calculator below, and in the second space you can put the birthdate of someone with whom you have a relationship. The resulting graph will give you the Biorhythmic cycles of both individuals for the past few days and the next month. Whether it is helpful or not is up to you. I’m guaranteeing nothing.

The cycles plotted on the graph are:

Physical (23 day cycle)
Are you at your coordinated best, or are you having an “all thumbs” kind of a day.
If you are into base jumping, mountain climbing or if you are a boxer or a dancer, you may want to watch this cycle.

Emotional (28 day cycle)
How are you handling the stressful situations that come your way? Is this a good day for a blind date, a marriage, or a business negation?

Intellectual (33 day cycle)
Are you thinking clearly, or is this one of those days where things just seem foggy? Is this a good day to take a test, do your taxes, or write a term paper?

Intuitional (38 day cycle)
Is this a good day to pick a lottery number? Solve a murder? What days does your intuitive force reach its peak?

Proponents say that the high points are when the related functions are at their best. Days when the cycles are headed from zero upward are the best days, and when the graphs are falling are when you have a few good days left. Days at the bottom of the graph are days when it’s best to avoid the type of activity where that skill is important. The real trouble comes on the days approaching the zero line (called the Critical Days.) These are the days when it is supposedly easiest to make the big mistakes, stumble over your own feet, or mess up a relationship.

When judging relationships, do both biorhythms and compare them. If the critical days coincide, watch out. For long term relationships, it is best if there is a balance, so that when one is up and one is down, the strong party can support the one whose cycle is at the bottom. If you are negotiating, it’s good if your intellectual and intuitional are peaking and the other participant’s are tanking. If you are going mountain climbing with a buddy, both Physical cycles should be high, but if you’re fighting him in the boxing ring, you want your physical to be high, and his to be low. You get the idea.

Have fun!

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